The calling of Summum

Much more than a challenge

Le triathlon au sommet du Mont-Blanc

Achieve your personal summit

In the realization of this event and the course of Summum,
personal development has always been at the heart of our thoughts !

The goal is to reach your summit through the expansion of consciousness.


Reaching your Summum means discovering yourself 100% for the first time in your life !

It's touching your greatest potential, accepting to be in front of yourself
to welcome everything that constitutes your being.

Focus on yourself

Exceed your own limits

Rediscover yourself at the end of the adventure !

Source of life

To begin with swimming, with water, the source of life.
Evocation at birth, at the beginning of its existence.

The travel

Then comes the journey, our trip through life,
the path we choose and the many other paths we cross.

Sommet du Mont-Blanc

Personal elevation

Finally, at the end of the effort one finds oneself.
We surpass ourselves, we reach
the summit of our existence, our SUMMUM.

Reaching your Summum means above all listening to your environment and respecting the laws of nature.

The start of the race can only take place under two conditions :

* The agreement of the guide, who authorizes and carries out the ascent of Mont-Blanc
with the challenger according to the habits and customs in high mountain

** The weather that allows a safe ascent to guarantee the physical integrity of the participants

Réalisation & référencement Simplébo


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