Summum Cyril Blanchard

Cyril Blanchard invents SUMMUM


A tailor-made challenge to overcome your own limits : 

a race against time
against yourself
in 24 hours

 The IRONMAN at the summit of MONT-BLANC

Stage 1

Open water swimming

3.800 meters open water swim

Lac de Coiselet - Jura


A lake in a wild nature

in the middle of the Ain gorges

Stage 2

Road Biking

180 km biking

3,000 meters of elevation gain


3 lacs :

Coiselet - Nantua - Annecy


Crossing the Col des Aravis

with breathtaking views of Mont-Blanc

Stage 3

Ascent of Mont-Blanc

Ascent of Mont Blanc

Trail mountaineering


Departure from Saint-Gervais then Bionassay


Ascent secured by a guide :

by the normal route

R E C O R D   R A C E

Cyril Blanchard


What if the next challenger was


You are a professional or an enthusiast athlete, join the very closed circle of FINISHERS


Cyril Blanchard encourages you to live the SUMMUM experience

All you have to do is get closer to us in order to define together your project and the motivation that drives you.


To discuss with us… nothing more simple, contact us


Much more than a sporting approach, Summum is a path towards its destiny.


To know who we are and fulfill our true destiny, there are several possible paths :

* a return to wild nature (Into the wild, H.D. Thoreau, J.J. Rousseau)
* a self-transcendence (Socrates, Nietzsche)


SUMMUM is a concentrate of overcoming in a grandiose nature... to discover Yourself.


The SUMMUM experience means traveling an extraordinary path.

The 3 stages of the challenge each represent the symbolism of LIFE:

- Swimming : source of beginning of life, Water
- Cycling : The Journey on Earth
- The Alpine trail : Ascent to its summit & the Airs



Cyril Blanchard
1st Challenger

Athlete behind the SUMMUM project

ENDUROMAN record holder in 2016


Tony Sbalbi
Alpin guide

High mountain guide

Chamonix Guide Company

After the accomplishment of Enduroman...


I wanted to create the Enduroman Made in France...

More beautiful, More intense and with a breathtaking course !

Cyril Blanchard - Creator and challenger of SUMMUM challenge

Challenge Partners

A challenge for the athlete who wants to go beyond his limits and live an extraordinary inner adventure.

An arrival at the roof of Western Europe, the fulfillment of a lifetime for some.

Because each person is unique, the challenge will have an authentic flavor for the person who completes it.

A majestic journey that will leave an indelible mark on the memory of those who live the experience.

You want to complete the challenge !
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Nicolas Prompt
Bruno Hon

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