Route of the race

Swimming course

The Lac of Coiselet is located in an idyllic place between the town of Oyonnax and the Lac de Vouglans Jura.

Apart from a few swans and ducks, you will be alone and very happy to begin the test in peace to connect with your best inner vibrations.


Bike route

On the 180 km which connect the lake of Coiselet and the city of Saint-Gervais, you will often want to raise your head to enjoy the landscape...

After the tranquility of the Jura, passage to Lake Annecy, then the Col des Aravis, with a view of Mont-Blanc before making the final ascent.


Alpine run course

Departing from Saint-Gervais, you join the Nid d'Aigle refuge in trail gear to join your guide.

After a well-deserved break, your guide will give you the green light to gear up and start the final ascent to the top of Europe in the most traditional style :

the famous "One shot" Mont-Blanc by the normal route.

Video swimming

Video bike

Video alpine run

Campsite of departure

To spend a few days before departure at Lac du Coiselet : 

Rue de la Plage, 39240 Condes 



Booking the refuge for your team during the Mont Blanc ascent

Your team can follow you on the first part of the climb and spend the night in the refuge while you make the final ascent with your guide.
​​​​​​​Beds and meals must be booked directly with the hut team :

Refuge du Nid d'Aigle

Lieu-dit Nid d'aigle, 74170 Saint-Gervais-les-Bains



For an official chronometer

GPS tracking of challengers

For an official layout and chronometer approval, we recommand the Dotivision solution.

Dotivison Summum

An ideal day Summum

After a good night's sleep at the campsite on the lakeside
Location of the camping


4:30 am - wake up and have breakfast with your team

6:00 am - ready for the start of the Summum swim 
Starting point of the swimming


8:00 am (or faster) - start of Summum bike
Starting point of cycling


4:00 pm (or faster) - start of Summum run at Saint-Gervais-les-Bains swimming-pool

Starting point of running


7:30 pm (or faster) - arrival at the Nid d'Aigle refuge for refreshments and to prepare for the final ascent with the guide

Location of the refuge

9:00 pm (or faster) - departure for the final ascent with the guide


6:00 am (or faster) - arrival at the mithic summit of europe
Official Finish - 4810m


12:00 pm (or faster) - back to the refuge du Nid d'Aigle
You can then walk back to Saint Gervais or take the Mont Blanc tramway (depending on your fitness level)



Réalisation & référencement Simplébo


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