More than a challenge

Found his own Summum

The spiritual question has always been at the heart of our minds

The goal is to reach his Summum, personal and spiritual elevation.

Reaching your Peak means discovering yourself 100% for the first time in your life!

It's about touching one's greatest potential and found what each can accomplish.

Refocus on yourself, put yourself in the center of thinking and find who you are in the end of this adventure !

A life travel

Beginning of life

Start with swimming, in water, the source of life.

It's like birth, at the beginning of existence.


Next it's time to travel. Find your way of life and your road and the life.

Spiritual elevation

At the end of the travel and the end of this effort , you have to find yourself, find who you are is the top of the word, the top of your life !

Reaching your peak means above all listening to your environment and respecting the laws of nature.

We can start the challenge only if :


* First of all, the guide feel it's the good time to try to ascent the mont blanc 
** Security of everybody can be respected and weather offer us a amazing sky to start !

Réalisation & référencement Simplébo


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